Suavinex Zero Zero Feeding Bottle, 0+m

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Suavinex Zero Zero feeding bottle is a unique Suavinex feeding bottle that imitatesa mother's breasts. This means that the feeding bottle is designed in such a way that air bubbles disappear and the baby does not swallow air, thereby helping to reduce tummy pain caused by gas and colic. An ideal feeding bottle choice for premature babies.

Suavinex Zero Zero feeding bottle is equipped with a super soft silicone teat that closely imitates a mother's nipples in shape, length and softness. Due to the fact that the teat is not located in the center (like at regular feeding bottles), but at an angle (the main difference of the Suavinex Zero Zero feeding bottles), the mother can regulate the flow of liquid with a slight turn of the bottle.

There are three different Suavinex Zero Zero feeding bottles:

  1. Adaptive (Variable) Flow feeding bottle, 180 ml
  2. Slow Flow feeding bottle, 180 ml
  3. Medium Flow feeding bottle, 270 ml

3 teats with different flow rates:

  1. Slow Flow: passes a small amount of liquid at a time. Suitable for use in the first days of life, for drinking milk, glucose or water.
  2. Average Flow: passes through various liquids of medium density. The ideal nipple for milk, juice and very liquid porridge.
  3. Adaptive Flow: allows more or less fluid to pass through depending on how hard your baby sucks on the teat. Specially designed so that mom can combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Suavinex Zero Zero feeding bottles are suitable for babies from birth, as well as for premature babies with a weak sucking reflex.

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